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Vinaroz is one of the leading manufacturers' of non- stick die-cast aluminum cookware with ceramic coating in the USA. Vinaroz uses top notch materials with years of experience to produce high quality cookware.

Our mission is to bring quality and innovative products to our customers at the best price. With Vinaroz you get the best value.

We begin by exploring alternative cookware options that would still provide consumers with the easy cleaning and convenience they are used to. The answer came in the form of ceramic coating, a 100% natural ceramic powder that has similar non-stick properties to Teflon®. While you can't fry an egg or cook fish without some form of lubrication, the ceramic coating still boasts 75 to 80 percent effectiveness of the potent of non-stick pans. Ceramic can withstand temperatures up to 850º degrees. 

Aside from the Ceramic-Eco coating, the other components of the cookware are as equally earth-friendly. The pots and pans are sprayed with silicon paint for the exterior. They offer such effective heat distribution that food cooks much more quickly (with less energy). New users may have to adjust to the learning curve of achieving the proper cooking temperature. 

Our ceramic coated pan is one that you will use everyday from cooking eggs to browning your favorite chop. Die-cast Aluminum Cookware is Certified PTFE and PFOA-Free, which means it's healthy for you and the environment. It also allows for even browning, searing and deglazing - all the things that are not recommended for traditional non-stick pans. It requires little or no fat for cooking. 

Our cookware offers easy clean up so you won’t find these pans taking up space in your dishwasher. Yes, it is also dishwasher safe. Pressure-cast aluminum base with optimum thickness for perfect heat distribution and superior heat retention. They are oven safe to 400º F degrees.

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Home Cookware: Die Cast Aluminum   Non-Stick Aluminum   Stainless Steel   Marble   |  Cutlery Collection
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